Aesthetic Treatments with Caroline Bridger
Registered Specialist Nurse and Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner

Our aesthetics nurse specialist has carefully researched and selected Bocouture, Mona Lisa, Intraline, Restylane and Juvedem products to be used to treat our clients based on their consistency regarding excellent results and value for money.  Prices are a guide and are subject to a full facial assessment and consultation.  A 50% non-refundable booking fee is taken to secure the appointment, which will be deducted from the final treatment price. 

Please allow at least one week between your booking date and treatment date. 

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
Common areas of treatment available:
Forehead Lines, Frown lines, Crows Feet, Brow lift, Smokers lines, Downturned Mouth, *Bunny Lines, *Dimpled/Pebbled Chin, *Gummy Smile (*can be added for £50 when receiving treatment for 3 areas).

1 Area    From £150
2 Areas  From £180
3 Areas  From £200

Advanced areas available:
Neck (Nefertiti Lift/Platysmal Bands)                      £300
Jawline Slimming and Teeth Grinding Treatment   £250
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)                      £350

Dermal Skin Fillers
Nasal Labial Folds (Nose to Mouth)
Standard Filler       From £150
Premium Filler       From £200

Cheek Augmentation (Contour or Volume)
Standard Filler       From £300
Premium Filler       From £400

Jawline Enhancement
Standard Filler       From £300
Premium Filler       From £400

Chin Augmentation
Standard Filler       From £150
Premium Filler       From £200

Lip Augmentation
Standard Filler        From £150
Premium Filler        From £200

Masculinisation/Feminisation and 5-Point Liquid Face Lift Bespoke Packages Available.  Prices are subject to consultation.

Skin Bio Revitalisers
Single Treatment - Face or Neck                                                                    £200
Single Treatment - Hands                                                                               £250
Course of 2 Treatments - Face or Neck (28 days apart)                                £380
Course of 2 Treatments - Hands (28 days apart)                                           £480

Jalupro Classic:
1 x Treatment                                                   £150
course of 2 Treatments (10 days apart)           £290
Course of 4 Treatments (10 days apart)          £550

Jalupro HMW:
1 x Treatment                                                   £190
Course of 2 Treatments (21 days apart)          £340

Jalutox (Combination of Jalupro and Botulinum Toxin)
1 x Treatment                                                   £250
1 Course (10 days apart) Includes 1 x Jalutox
and 2 x Jalupro Classic Treatments                 £520

Vitamin B12 Booster
Single Injection              £30
Course of 5 Injections  £150