We have creative nail technicians who are fully qualified and professionally insured.  We use professional brands including Morgan Taylor and The Gel Bottle Company.  All of the Gels and Polishes from these companies are CRUELTY FREE AND VEGAN FRIENDLY. 

Manicure Treatments
Signature Manicure - Nail Shaping, Cuticle Work, Nail Buff and Hand Cream Application
With Polish (1hr)                                                          £23.00
With Gel Application (1hr)                                         £26.00   
'Little Miss' Manicure - Up to 12 yrs - Shape and Polish (30min)                 £12.00 
Male Manicure - Nail Shaping, Cuticle Tidy, Nail Buff and Moisturiser Application (35min)  £15.00

Pedicure Treatments
Essential Pedicure - Nail Shape
With Polish (45min)                                                      £17.00
With Gel Application (1hr)                                           £23.00
Signature Pedicure - Foot Soak, Cuticle Tidy, Nail Shaping, Exfoliation, Gentle Foot File, Foot Lotion and Massage
With Polish (1hr 15min)                                               £28.00
With Gel Application - (1hr 30min)                            £33.00
Male Pedicure - Foot Soak, Exfoliation, Nail Shaping and Cuticle Tidy (45min) £20.00                                    

Additional Treatments
Add Hand Mask in Heated Mitts to any Manicure (10min)                                 £4.00
Add Foot Mask in Heated Booties to any Pedicure (10min)                                 £4.00
Add Gel Strengthening Nail Treatment (5-10min)                                                  £4.00
Removal of Gel Polish (applied by another salon) Followed by another Treatment (15min)                           £5.00
Removal of Gel Polish is FREE if it's our work and we are reapplying
Removal of Gel Polish with no further Treatment.  Includes Shape, Massage and Cuticle Oil (30-40min)  £15.00
Nail Repair from £2.00 Per Nail
Glitter, Chrome Foils, Gems etc from 50p Per Nail

Please remember to bring flip flops or open toed sandals if you are having a Pedicure with a Normal Polish